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St Kitts

Day trip to St. Kitts

The Caribbean is rich with contemporary culture, historical sites and natural beauty. This St. Kitts tour will ensure that you experience it all to the fullest. See the island’s most enamoring sites, enjoy an adventurous walk through the rainforest, and end your day relaxing on the beach.

After meeting your knowledgeable guide, begin your St. Kitts tour in Basseterre, the capital city of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The oldest town in the Eastern Caribbean, Basseterre is a small city with some of the best preserved British and French colonial architecture in the entire Caribbean. Visit Independence Square, which was once the site of a slave market and the center of the island’s commerce, and view the cathedral, courthouse, and other historical sites in St. Kitts. Learn about the Berekely Memorial and its unique clock faces, and view the St. Kitts National Museum.

From Basseterre, take a walk to the Fort lands area. Once a fortress, the area is now home to restaurants, unique shops and other attractions. View the Cenotaph, a tall memorial dedicated to World War I and World War II veterans. As you journey westward, learn about how ancient history blends with contemporary culture and view attractions from the island’s past as well as more modern structures. See the national hospital, the local Coca-Cola bottling company, and two off-shore universities. If you look closely, you will also see a nest of egrets tucked in among the cultural sites. Next, explore Bloody Point, the site of a massacre in 1626. Your guide will share historical facts about the tragic event where the English ambushed the native Carib people of the island.

The next stop on your journey allows you to walk through a beguiling rainforest, where you will see some of the most verdant natural foliage in the region. As you make your way down the trail, your guide will share information about the flora and fauna and point out exotic plant and animal species. Enjoy an adventurous swing from one of the many sturdy tree vines that appear along the path.

A trip to Romney Manor, home to the Caribelle Batik handicraft facility, is next on your tour. Watch as artisans create clothing designs using the ancient art form that has been handed down through the ages. Enjoy exploring botanical treasures that grow on this lush 12 acres of gardening delights, and explore the Carib petroglyphs (rock carvings/drawings) found at the nearby Wingfield Estate. Watch for some of St. Kitts’s 50,000 green vervet monkeys that are often seen playing about on the property.

Venture on to Middle Island, where you will see the first Anglican church built on St. Kitts. Tour the burial site of Sir Thomas Warner, an English explorer, and pass Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of historical, cultural and architectural significance. Stop at Gibbons Hill, a lookout point where you can see the unique phenomenon of the meeting of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. View the Black Rocks on your tour as well, an amazing sight of giant boulders that were deposited by a volcanic eruption 1800 years ago. Enjoy some complimentary refreshments here, and enjoy the panoramic views of the island’s natural beauty, stately St. Kitts architecture and ambling plantations.

The next leg of your journey includes a drive through the affluent Frigate Bay area, a more recently developed region with numerous modern mansions and unique contemporary architecture. View picturesque beaches and breathtaking views as you pass through this modern paradise. Make your way to Timothy Hill on the Southeast peninsula and view the nearby Nevis Island. Witness the amazing churning waters of the Atlantic Ocean on both sides of the peninsula, as well.

At the end of your journey, make your way to South Friar’s or Cockleshell beach where you can relax on the beach, go for a swim, get a massage, or enjoy any number of water and beach sports available to you. Available activities include: horseback riding, aquatic sports, jet skiing, a children’s trampoline and many more fun adventures.

There is so much to see on this Caribbean tour, a camera is a must. Bring a swimsuit and a towel as well for beach fun, and a tote bag for shopping along the way.