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Day trip to Antiqua

Antiqua, more than sand, sea, and sun; its 365 beaches and breathtaking views have made Antigua a prime tourist destination to visit in the Caribbean. From the beautiful historic buildings to the luxurious homes and restaurants. Antiqua promises to find something to fulfil your desires.

Step onto the cobblestone-clad streets of colonial Antigua for this flexible-length walking tour. Stroll the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site as you visit top landmarks like the ‘Ayuntamiento’ (City Hall Palace), Palace of the Captain’s General, the main cathedral, and Santo Domingo, a well-known hotel and cultural center. A final stop at a local jade factory provides additional insight into Guatemala’s Mayan culture. Stroll the cobblestone streets of this charming UNESCO World Heritage Site Learn about Antigua’s Spanish colonial history at the ‘Ayuntamiento’ (City Hall Palace) and Palace of the Captain’s General Explore Santo Domingo, a one-time monastery and now a 5-star hotel Get a taste of Mayan culture during a stop at a jade factory