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Scrub Island Ultimate Hiking Excursion

About The Excursion

Anguilla Watersports has once again added to its collection of first-class service offerings with The Scrub Island Ultimate Hiking Excursion, a one day hiking adventure that will leave guests with memories of a lifetime.

The one day Ultimate Hiking Excursion is guided by first aid certified Guides and is the only hike of it’s kind in the area.

The adventure begins at the peer in Island Harbour, Anguilla at 7:45am. Guests board the boat and take a short scenic 20 minute boat ride over to the Western side of Scrub Island.

Guests are dropped off at a beautiful beach with their Guide and the adventure begins shortly after.

The Guide takes memorable photos and videos during the adventure that are later shared with the Guests.

Guests learn about the island, observe wildlife, visit a famous crashed airplane, snorkel with turtles, fish and stingray, swim in emerald glowing lagoons and much more. Guests then return back to the beach at Scrub at approximately 2:30pm for the boat ride back to Island Harbour.

Lunch, snacks, water and juice are included as part of the hike and carried by the Guide.

The Ultimate Hiking Excursion is available to guests who are 12 years and older. All inclusive rates are $500 per person with a 4 person minimum. The adventure starts at 7:45am in Island Harbour and wraps up at around 3:00pm in Island Harbour.

Anguilla Watersports’ founding president Mr. Judson Burdon is enthusiastic “The Scrub Island Hiking Excursion is truly a one of a kind experience. All of our staff are first aid certified and know the history of this uninhabited island called “Scrub Island”. We have guests that say that this is one of the most incredible experiences they have ever had. We recently had a brother and sister join us on the excursion and they both literally had tears of joy running down their face because of the memorable adventure. We really hope that more adventure seekers come to experience this one of a kind service offering and create memories of a lifetime!”.

Burdon continues “Safety is paramount as with all of our activities. Our Guides are always keeping a close eye on our guests and are all Red Cross water safety rescue and first aid trained. In addition, we interview our guests via phone or email prior to making the reservation as we want to be sure our gusts are capable of the full day excursion.”

A recent Guest stated:
“Our guide took us on the most incredible, off the grid, tour of the entire Scrub Island. I can’t say enough good things about these guys and the memorable souvenirs that I’ll have forever. Truly exceptional people and experience.”

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